Back in the USA

We had an awesome time in Aruba last week. Some highlights from our trip...

  • I kept my word and didn't let any of these distractions keep me from my main focus.
  • I read two novels that have nothing to do with anything. My favorite was Area 7 by Matthew Reilly.
  • Because of Corey Mann's recommendation, we watched the entire first season of Prison Break. Two words: Loved it!
  • We laughed together all week. It's fun hanging out with your best friend!
  • We did our best to act like newlyweds, so I'm sure there were some people who would have been surprised to know we've been married 17 years.
  • The Flying Fishbone restaurant is wicked cool. Yes, your feet hang in the water while you are eating (picture below)
  • We looked, but didn't find Natalee.
  • We slept in until 10 or later every morning.
  • The best thing...we laid around under palm trees looking at turqouise-blue water talking to each other and reading for hours each day!

I took lots of pictures of my wife, but I've been told I can't show you most of them. So we'll let these approved pictures sum up our time away.



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