A Tribute to my Mom

It's only fitting that a blog post today should be in honor of Karen Louise Stevens, my mother for the past 39 years. Some things I love about my mom...

  • She has shown me selflessness, always putting others ahead of herself.
  • She models a life of gratefulness...I don't think I've ever heard her complain. Not once.
  • She continues to show me what it means to be a good friend and have good friends.
  • She showed me how to stay cool even in tense situations or moments of crisis.
  • She continually put me in environments where I would grow spiritually--such as summer camp, a great church and missions trips.
  • She taught me independence rather than codependence. I left home a few weeks after my 18th birthday and was well-prepared for life, thanks to mom and dad.
  • She taught me that lifelong romance with one person is possible -- she's been married to my dad since 1959.
  • And, although I don't remember it, she evidently taught me how to blow out birthday candles.


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