What I Love about "Friday Night Lights"

Okay, I realize this is another show I love that is about to get cancelled. Some  might suggest I pick losers. But I prefer to believe that I have a keen eye for quality programming that most the world doesn't share. Either way, what I love about Friday Night Lights is the originality and excellence in how it is shot. For example...

  • They don't memorize their scripts. The scripts are more of an outline than a blueprint.
  • They don't rehearse lines ahead of time. They just start acting.
  • They don't rehearse the shots either, no blocking, just three cameras and they start shooting.
  • No marks on where to stand. Just do what comes naturally and the cameras will find you.
  • More details here on how it is shot.

It's almost like what we do in ministry. We find incredibly talented staff, we resource them, then we let them lead. Not alone, not without any direction. But with incredible freedom to be who they are, to perform up to their potential, and to take us directions we never could have gone without them.

Besides the artistic qualities, it's just a really good story line that reflects real life. They are able to pull out the real stuff of life that people deal with every day: From adultery that tears families apart, to dealing with loss and pain, to trying to get out of the cycle of poverty, to the burden of beauty, to the weight of power and influence. It's one of the few shows that can bring tears to my eyes quite regularly.

The season just ended, but you can watch all the episodes on line at NBC.com.

Tim Stevens4 Comments