Weekend Randomness

Stuff in my head...

  • Last week I was at Circuit City and told someone as we left, "This place is going down. They've forgotten how to serve customers." Just a day later they announced they were laying off 8% of their employees because they are paid too much. At the same time, Best Buy's profits are up 18%.
  • Looking forward to a week in Aruba with my wife. We leave in less than four weeks!
  • My oldest son turns 10 tomorrow. Yesterday he jumped on me and I lost my balance and fell on Faith who was laying on the floor. He laughed and said, "If you guys have another baby, I guess it's my fault." Maybe he was listening better than I thought he was when we had the big talk last year.
  • I was never into video games growing up. I pretty much thought people who played them were wasting time. So why did I buy an XBox 360 as a 39-year old a few months ago? Not sure, but I'm finding there is something therapeutic about killing bad guys in Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon 2.
  • My oldest daughter turned 14 last week. Tomorrow she will be driving, the next day going to college, and the day after that getting married. I'm thinking about duct taping her to her bed and not letting her grow up.
  • I'm getting excited about teaching workshops on the road in a few weeks. We already have over 200 signed up in Atlanta and the registrations are starting to pick up for Miami also.
  • Supposedly Studio 60 has six more new episodes that will be aired this season. Wahoo!
  • I'll be installing a 150-foot long zip line in my backyard this spring. I'm finalizing the design and checking on my liability insurance.
  • The Planet Earth series on the Discovery Channel is the #1 reason you need a high definition television. In one word: Unbelievable. If you don't have HDTV, find a friend who does and invite yourself over. It's not rude. Just ask this girl who has invited her family to our house for a special viewing.
  • They just installed digital movie projectors in our Elkhart Carmike cinemas. I believe these are the first ones in this area. Amazing difference, and it makes it worth it to drive a few extra minutes.
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