Oh Max!


Could there be any better news to hear today than that a big screen Get Smart movie is being filmed for release in June 2008? (Oh, besides the gospel message, a healthy family, and a couple of other things).

I grew up watching and loving Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 as they used gadets and technology to fight against the ugly giant of communism. The cone of silence, opening sequence including the closing prison gates and phone booth, the shoe phone--what wasn't to like about this comedy? I even got my kids hooked on the reruns a few years ago when they were playing them on TV Land.

Original stars Don Adams and Barbara Feldon were unavailable for this updated version (one dead, the other age 75), so they have been replaced by Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway. They'll do just fine.

Clear the calendar...I'm going to be at the theater on opening day!

Tim StevensComment