Broadening the Impact

We have around 6,000 that attend services "live" each weekend, but I recently learned that another 2,000 + watch via the web. That is interesting to me, because we don't have an "internet service" with some of the whistles and bells that several churches are offering. We haven't promoted it well to our own congregation yet...they have to find it on their own. And yet over 2,000 people are watching the service each week.

I love that. I love it when someone who attended the service can show it to a friend the next week because they are so excited. I love it when a worship team in the hills of Arkansas can watch the service together each week and grab ideas and inspiration. I love it when someone who is really skeptical about organized religion can watch from the "safety" of their home and hopefully be encouraged to take another step.

I'm so grateful to our web and tech teams who make this tool possible. Because of them, hundreds of people around the world are feeling the impact. You can also watch it here, or find the link each week from

Tim Stevens2 Comments