World's Best Presentation Contest

I've seen some pretty bad presentations in churches. Whether you use PowerPoint, KeyNote or an old fashioned overhead projector--most of us need to bump up the excellence factor in our presentations.

Check out "The World's Greatest Presentation Contest" sponsored by For the next month, people from all over the world will be submitting their presentations and the top rated entries will be given prizes. A few reasons to check it out...

  • Get ideas. You know that old graphic you are using to promote the monthly potluck for the Women's Union? Well, you might want to cancel the potluck. But if not, get better ideas on how to present your information.
  • Submit a presentation. As bad as some church presentations are--I've seen some pretty cool presentations. (Have you met Dustin Maust, Master of Hip-Looking-Announcement-Slides?).
  • One of the judges is Guy Kawasaki. He's known for a bunch of stuff including leading at Apple Computers and writing many books including The Art of the Start, but he's best known for being scheduled as a keynote speaker in the 2007 Innovate Conference (hosted by Granger on September 27-28).
Tim Stevens3 Comments