LOST Keeps up the Suspense

I've absolutely loved the tv show LOST since the first episode. It has drama, adventure, suspense, romance, science fiction--and leaves me many weeks saying, "No way!"

This season has gotten a bad rap by many in the blogging world (including this southern dude) for being a little slow, losing focus, and introducing too many new characters. However, I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

Last night's episode was no exception. Entertainment writer Alex Bagg wrote this morning, "Even though no minds were blown and no huge mysteries revealed, I’m a fan of LOST episodes like the one we saw last night. They spread the action out all over the island, consistently revealing delicious morsels of things we didn’t already know, and ending with something that makes you want to pull your hair in hopes of facilitating time travel so it can be next Wednesday already. I feel like these are the kinds of episodes that made Season One so wonderfully addictive."

I agree with everything he said except that my mind was blown when Claire's origin was revealed. If you didn't catch it, surf over to ABC.com and watch the episode to see what I'm talking about.

Tim Stevens4 Comments