Article in Ministry Today magazine

A few months ago, Mark Beeson and I were interviewed by Ministry Today magazine for an article on innovation. I didn't know that much about this magazine, so wondered what the end result would be. I just read the article and thought they did a stellar job at representing Granger very well.

Some notable quotes from writer Drew Dyck:

  • "Granger displays a commitment to actively change in order to reach today's culture and, in turn, the lost."
  • "Different is a good way to describe a service at Granger. From wireless internet access to high quality projection screens to an advanced children's play area, Granger is one of the most tech-savvy churches in the country."
  • "Beeson believes that reaching young people is a fundamental choice. 'You have to be honest about your decision,' he says. 'If you stick with the music you liked in high school, that's fine. But we've decided not to do that'."
  • "'I don't mind at all if they flip open a laptop as I'm preaching,' says Beeson. 'In fact, I encourage it'."
  • "In order to know where it needs to change, the leadership at Granger strategically analyzes itself to look for ways in which it is succeeding and falling short."

Read the whole article here.

Tim StevensComment