10 Reasons to Get 20 Books

Tony Morgan has told the blogging world of a can't-be-beat offer on our book, Simply Strategic Volunteers. If you buy 20 or more copies directly from one of us, we'll offer you a great deal.

Here are a few reasons why you should take him up on that offer...

  1. Tony is smart. He moved south. Of course, yesterday it was 3 degrees warmer in Granger than in Anderson...but still, he's a smart guy.
  2. Already, over 15,000 volunteers and leaders have purchased the book.
  3. I have a friend who said it's a great book to keep in the bathroom. I told him I was praying he'd get sick so he'd get to the end quickly.
  4. You can learn how to affirm volunteers and help them feel valued and that they are making a difference.
  5. It has been used by hundreds of churches and organizations, including many non-profit organizations that rely on volunteers such as Little League and Upward Basketball.
  6. We tackle conflict, including when and how to "fire" a volunteer.
  7. On page 26, Tony tells a heart-warming story about teaching Jacob to ride a bike. Chokes me up every time I read it.
  8. There is a souvenir picture of Tony and me included with the book that you can hang somewhere. True, the pictures are smaller than your thumbnails, but Tony looks pretty young and I have a half head of hair (the back half). Think about it.
  9. If you find the book boring, at least you'll enjoy the foreword by Mark Beeson or the endorsements by some cool people including Tim Sanders, Leonard Sweet and Kirbyjon Caldwell.
  10. Let's face it, you just have to know what we wrote in these chapters: You Can't Fix Everyone, It's Not All About You, There's More to Life Than Doing Church and Be the Love Doctor.

If you just need a few copies, you can buy them from Amazon for $12.23. If you want 20 or more copies, send me an email and we'll save you a few bucks (tstevens AT gccwired DOT com).

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