Playing with Microsoft Vista

I've been waiting to upgrade my home PC for several months now until Microsoft Vista was available. I didn't want to go through the hassle of doing the upgrade myself. All my Apple friends have spent months trying to talk me into switching sides. I told them, "Why would I buy an Apple that works with 4% of the world when I can wait until Microsoft steals all the good stuff and then have a machine that works with 96% of the world?" Plus, I have 4 home machines and 2 work machines that run Windows, and I'm not really interested in entering another variable into an already complex computing life.

This machine I ordered preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium arrived tonight:

  • Dell XPS 410
  • Intel Core Duo E6400 processor 2.13 GHZ w/ 2mb Cache
  • 2gb SDRAM at 667 MHZ
  • nVidia GEForce 7300 LE 256mb
  • RAID-O Dual 250gb Hard drives

I'm pretty interested in playing with the AERO interface built in to Windows. We'll see in a week or two if I'm still excited about this purchase.

Tim Stevens1 Comment