Piles of Snow

I get tired of the winter after a few months, but there are parts of it that I'm sure I would miss:

  • Every car is the same color. I refer to it as "salt white."
  • I love living down-wind from Lake Michigan. We average about 80" of snow here, where as they only get about 35" on the other side of the lake in Chicago.
  • There is something about being at home with the family on a cold February evening...a fire blazing, wind whistling and snow falling.
  • It's cool to see how high they can stack the snow. I think Granger has the greatest snow team in the world. They are a combination of volunteers, staff and contractors who do everything they can to clear the parking lots and make room for the next crowd. In this picture taken today, you can see the snow stacked well over 10' on the parking lot islands. We've had 35" in the last 30 days alone, and they have done a great job keeping up!


Tim Stevens2 Comments