Making Your Life Easy

Life is too short to waste time. So I thought I'd offer some advice to those of you who spend way too much time browsing the internet reading various blogs.

Right now, I'm tracking about 50 different blogs, but it only takes me a few minutes each day. Rather than visiting each of those sites individually, I take advantage of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to let the fun come to me in one location where I can scan only the new posts and ignore the sites where I know nothing has been updated. You can do this as well. It's really simple.

With that in mind, here are 3 options on how you can easily subscribe to my blog:

1. Sign up for a "newsreader." I use Bloglines. NewsGator is another good option. Firefox has this built in and so does the newest version of Internet Explorer. Then, copy the text in red into your newsreader and subscribe to my feed:

2. There are more options you'll find if you click the orange Feedburner icon on the top of the right column on my site, or just click here.

3. Or, the easiest can receive my posts directly in your email inbox. Just complete the email subscription form on the right sidebar of my blog and select "Get Email Updates."

Now you have the knowledge, and knowledge is power. Happy blogging!

Tim Stevens2 Comments