Letter from a 90-year old

Sam Barrington, pastor of another church in our area, posted this letter he received from a 90-year old lady who attends Granger Community Church. I loved that one of our attenders would encourage another church like this. Way to go Ruth!

Dear Friends in Christ:

Ever since you brought the large stones to the front of your property, I have been feeling the nudge to write to you and thank you.  I love beauty especially around our houses of worship.

I am typing this as I am 90 years old and you can read this better than my writing.

I drive past your church quite often going to the post office and every time I go past it I really look and enjoy the landscaping.  I am a 50 year member of First Presybterian Church of South Bend and attend Granger Community Church quite often.  I just want you to know I love looking at the outside of your church.  Then, today I received a flyer on Deal or No Deal - You are doing something right and I pray that it will glorify God.  I am sure you do.  Just wanted you to know you are a blessing to those of us who live in this part of town.  THANK YOU - and may God Bless your Efforts.

Thank you again


Tim StevensComment