I Found the Culprit

Yes, I found the culprit. It was about three weeks ago that I revealed in this post that someone had remotely controlled my computer. Not only did I mention that I was freaked out--I also publicly threatened the hacker. In fact, my exact words were: "We are a church, so we won't kill you. But we will castrate you without blinking."

After a couple weeks of some very amazing work by Jason Powell and his techies, they informed me early this week that they were 100% sure our network had not been invaded. They had narrowed it down wireless interference through the mouse.

What wasn't known, however, was whether it was random or intentional.

Well, tonight I found the culprit. It is an inside job. Very inside. It's someone who has an office about 40' away from me. In fact, it is one of the only people who has been on staff longer than I have.

It is Mark Beeson. That's right, our senior pastor was inadvertently controlling my mouse everytime he used his computer. Since he doesn't work from his desktop PC that often--it was sporadic and difficult to track.

You'll be curious to know, I've decided to follow through on the castration--but I've chosen to castrate the mouse instead. I know you'll affirm my decision. Now, I just need to find some very small tools...


Tim Stevens2 Comments