First Church of the Frozen Tundra

I mentioned last week how encouraged I was that nearly 5000 people showed up on a weekend when 12+ inches of snow fell.

This weekend was even worse. Not a lot of fresh snow, but on Saturday afternoon we were under a Blizzard Warning (for those of you in the south, that does not mean a Dairy Queen is ahead). And yet over 4100 people left the warmth of their homes to participate in the final weekend of the 24 series.

  • Saturday 5:30, 4 degrees, Blizzard warning, 1081 people gathered
  • Saturday 7:30, 2 degrees, 25mph winds, 699 people brave the cold
  • Sunday 8:45, -5 degrees, yes, that is below zero, 450 people get up early
  • Sunday 10:15, -2 degrees, even windier that Saturday night, 1076 people attend
  • Sunday 11:45, 1 degree, but 845 people figure it's not getting any better and join us for the final service of the weekend.

If you were one of more than 2000 who stayed home, you can always watch the service online. (Of course, I should probably mention you can also participate in the offering online too!).

Tim Stevens1 Comment