Last week I wrote about Granger's unique missions strategy, and how it had yielded over 13,000 converts in just the past five months in southern India.

Some have asked how they can find out more about our strategy. I would encourage any church leader who is interested in having an impact outside of the walls of your church--whether across town or around the world--to come to the EnterMission workshop on May 21, 2007, being taught at Granger Community Church. In this one-day workshop , taught by Rob Wegner and Jack Magruder, you will learn to:

  • Create easy-access on-ramps that eliminate legitimate barriers to entry – and the “real issues” behind them.
  • Fit your missions ministry into your church’s core driving principles.
  • Select and develop strategic partnerships with other organizations.
  • Lead hundreds of volunteers effectively without burning up man-hours and burning out leaders.

I think Rob and Jack are blazing some trails and experimenting in missions outreach in a way that is creative and refreshing. Check it out on May 21st.

Tim Stevens1 Comment