At Willow for the Pre-Summit Conference

I'm in Chicago attending the planning conference for churches that will be hosting the Leadership Summit in August. This is a required function for the Event Manager, Producer, Promotional Strategist, Technical Director and Senior Pastor from each of the 200 host churches.

I am here as the Senior Pastor for Granger Community Church. No, there wasn't a coup. We just believed it was crucial for Mark to stay back for the MyLife campaign that launches this weekend.

I am joined by Lindsay Wasik, Adam Callender and Bob Casto. We are staying at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel. I travel alot, so I'm not typically impressed with hotels. But walking in my room here brought me several "whoa" moments:

  • Widescreen 32" high definition TV with every connection possible to plug in your laptop, video iPod, or other device through the TV.
  • A TV built-in to the mirror in the bathroom. When it's off, it's a mirror. When it's on, you can actually watch Oprah while sitting on the toilet. And who wouldn't want to do that?
  • A bed that looks as comfortable as the Doubletree Sweet Dreams beds.
  • And, in memory of Tony, I checked out the soap. I think he would be pleased.

More on the conference in the coming days.

Tim Stevens3 Comments