13,928 Converts in 5 Months

There are different missions philosophies. Many churches put the world map on the wall with the goal of supporting missionaries all over the world. They want to "go into all the world" all by themselves. So this missionary gets $25, and that one gets $100, and someone else might get $250.

That's not a bad thing...but we've chosen the laser-targeted focus here at Granger. First, we spent years looking for the right partnership. We decided on southern India and then began to train church planters and set up a system for discipleship. We've sent teams to teach pastors, build relationships, love people, explore opportunities, rebuild homes and add credibility to our native pastors there.

We've been doing this for the past 4 or 5 years, and the results have been astounding. We just received this report from our man on the ground, Thomas Raja Singh, who keeps in continual contact with all of our church planters.

Check out this report of what has happened in just the past five months...

  • 7,659 people have received a Bible
  • 176 cell groups have been formed
  • 19,025 new converts completed a core class
  • 13,928 left their old way and accepted Christ
  • 7,475 were baptized
  • 1 new church was planted

Do I hear an "amen" somebody?

Tim Stevens5 Comments