It's Not a Rumor

It's true...Tony Morgan is leaving long winters, 80" annual snowfall, and the safety of the Rust Belt to move on to a new ministry opportunity in South Carolina. What's he thinking? I'm not sure, but here's what you need to know...

  • Tony and I have had 8 great years of ministry together. I don't regret one day of it.
  • I'm sad to see Tony go.
  • I'm excited about his future. He's going to a great church to work with great people.
  • I love his family. Emily is wonderful. Kayla, Jacob, Abby and Brooke are friends with my kids and we will miss them greatly.
  • Tony loves Granger. Don't believe me? Read his words here.
  • He is a man of high integrity and I trust him fully. Hiring him was one of the best leadership decisions I've made.
  • Writing three books with Tony was an experience I'll remember forever. And there is talk that we might even collaborate on a future project!
  • "We are all on the same team serving the same God" isn't just something pastors say to try to convince themselves. It's true...but it's something every church leader has to personally decide to practice.
  • When someone leaves, it's very hard. Emotions are high and pain abounds. You either handle it well or you don't. Tony and I are committed to handling it well.
  • Tony is picking a good time to leave. John Maxwell says you should never leave when you are in the valley--always leave when things are good, the future is bright, and you are thinking clearly. The future at Granger has never been brighter.
  • Perry Noble passed the IQ test. Hiring Tony to join the staff at NewSpring was a smart thing to do. Read Perry's words here.
  • Mark Beeson is one of the greatest leaders in America today. He's leading Granger well through this transition. Read Mark's words about Tony's decision here.

Even though we'll have a few sad days as we give Tony a send-off, I'm pretty jazzed about the future at Granger. We have a tremendous staff that loves Christ and is as creative and innovative as any team anywhere. And 2400+ volunteers who faithfully serve Jesus to reach others.

Yes, the future is bright.

Tim Stevens3 Comments