Good Words from Alabama

Yesterday I received an email from Dave Anderson who pastors Crosspoint Community Church in Decatur, Alabama. His note was so encouraging to me, I asked his permission to share it with you:

Tim - I pastor a small church plant of about 125 in North Alabama. I am bi-vocational and started the church in a living room 4 years ago with 6 people. I wish we were making the splash you guys are making – but we are at least making some waves and people's lives are changing and we hope to innovate and inspire more this year and begin to make bigger waves.

I came to the ICC 2 years ago and sat in on your staffing break out. I learned a lot. I did the same breakout again in 06. Your simply strategic insights are great. And the ICC was an inspiration. So much so that I came last year with 14 people! And I can't wait till this year! One guy I brought to the conference said "I had never considered ministry as a full time option before but when I saw GCC it opened my eyes to the possibilities in the Kingdom." He's now on my creative team as a volunteer. Hopefully we can do exciting things with what we learned.

I love your passion for the local church and your ministry at GCC. When I saw you on stage presenting the Beeson's with their 20th anniversary gift I wept. You really are an awesome leader and Mark is blessed to have you.

I recently started listening to the Simply Strategic podcast since I got a new iPod for Christmas. The show rocks! I did a survey of the congregation this morning using the tips you and Tony gave. Hopefully we can take the survey again in June and find things have changed because we will shape our ministry to help our people focus on 5 (We call it the POINT).

I'm sure you are quite busy and get tons of email and have a bazillion administrative things to do. You have an incredible ministry and are inspiring people all the way down in Alabama. We felt like royalty when we came to GCC this past year. And we left inspired. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated.

Tim StevensComment