God Goes Geek

I loved reading this blog entry from a guy who attended Granger Community Church this weekend for the first time. His frank comments were refreshing, and some of the comments left on his blog were downright hilarious.

Here is a portion of what he wrote...

"I attended one of those new Mega-churches. I’m talking a big stage, a light show, modern music with drums and electric guitars, and even big screen tvs for the back rows. When did this happen? When did God become this hip? I’m not trying to insult Catholicism. It just isn’t for me. What I’ve found now is something new and exciting to me. Saturday they even have a special wi-fi sermon. You’ve got to see this! Their web site says 'Saturday Night Extras, including more music, more food, café tables and a Wi-Fi zone to soothe your inner geek'. A church that caters to us? We’ve finally arrived fellow geeks. All praise the Church of Geek!"

Really...check out his entire post and comments here. A big thanks to Dawn Nicole Baldwin for pointing this out.

Tim StevensComment