A Week of Firsts

  • I discovered a new flavor of Breyer's ice cream. It's called "Banana Bananza" and is to die for.
  • We had a great visit at Mariner's Church. It was nice of Kenton Beshore to spend a few minutes with us. It was very nice of Janice Munemitsu and Jim Russell to host us on short notice. I also ran in to blogger Blair Farley.
  • I've never been to Palm Springs before. Looks like a great place to visit again in the future. The Adventure Hummer tour was tremendous fun.
  • Long Beach Airport is an experience in itself. Think third-world country airport. You've got the picture.
  • JetBlue airlines was delightful. We were actually able to watch live TV on the flight. Not a big deal, normally, except that we were flying during the season premiere of 24. It was pretty cool to be able to watch the entire 2-hour episode while flying across the country.
  • We had one meal at Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier in Oceanside. Great atmosphere, okay food, smelly waiter.
  • Because of some special rates, we ended up renting an Infiniti FX35. I wasn't that impressed. (Although my dream car is still a tripped-out Infiniti G35). All 5 of us jetted around in this small SUV. The guys fought over who would sit on the hump in the back seat. There was even some 65-mph seat-changing action that was interesting to watch in the rear-view mirror.
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