A Musical New Year

I've never been one to listen to music non-stop or have headphones on 24/7. In fact, I used to mock those who always had a song for everything. But music is becoming a part of my life more and more, and I'm beginning to see how God can use all kind of music to soften my heart. I received several CD's for Christmas this year:

End of Silence

Red: End of Silence - My favorite songs for the category of head-banging worship music: "Breathe Into Me" and "Already Over"

The Open Door

Evanescence: The Open Door - Wins award for best CD jacket

Two Lights

Five for Fighting: Two Lights - Love the song "World" used in recent Granger video here.

Eyes Open

Snow Patrol: Eyes Open -- My entire family loves: "Chasing Cars"

We Can't Stand Sitting Down

Stellar Kart: We Can't Stand Sitting Down -- catchy, singable song is "Me and Jesus"

Endless Wire

The Who: Endless Wire -- (To the person who bought this for me, it's in my hand, I'm going to start listening to it today. Really, I promise.)

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