A 24-year old Hits the Ball Out of the Park

I couldn't have been more proud last night. Jason Miller joined our staff a couple of years ago straight out of college. He is now a Pastor at Granger Community Church and leads in our worship area as well as running point for Merge -- our ministry for those in the college phase of life.

Last night he led our New Community service with a combination of music, teaching, video, and reading. If he were 50-years old you would have left saying it was a great night, very moving, so helpful, maybe even life-changing. The fact that he's 24 and it was his first time to do this type of deal at Granger makes it even more impactful. Add to that the fact that I just asked him to do it in mid-December, so he didn't have a ton of time to prepare.

I was so proud of Jason. If you attended last night, leave a comment here about your experience.

If you weren't there, you can watch the video here for the next week. Fast forward to 16:50 to hear the beginning of Jason's talk.

Tim Stevens4 Comments