Unbelievable U2 Weekend


Everyone I've talked to agrees that this was one of the most incredible weekends ever at Granger. By Monday, the video of the weekend will be available here, but you'll have only one week to watch it. Watch the whole thing...I think it is a great example of seamless programming from beginning to end, and the power of connecting one big idea through the entire service.

Some highlights...

  • 7 different videos created or edited specifically for this service.
  • A vocal predlude of U2's "Pride" (in the name of love) by Trace Rorie and band.
  • J Aquila convincingly sold the song Vertigo, also by U2.
  • Mark Beeson tied the entire message together by talking about how Jesus came to turn this entire world upside down with His message of love ("in a place called Vertigo").
  • A recap video of the food drop where 2,000 people showed up to unload and deliver 156,000 pounds of food using the song "World" by Five for Fighting.
  • A jaw-dropping presentation of the song "Forty" by U2 ending with the entire band wailing on tom-toms.
  • All this was presented on an amazing heart-shaped thrust stage built entirely by volunteers.

The best thing of all -- over 6,300 people gathered and each one heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in a language they could understand.

Tim Stevens1 Comment