An Era is Over

Yesterday Taylor turned 6-years old. For the past 13.5 years (since 1993), we've had at least one child in our home under the age of 6. In fact, there was a short time when we had 3 kids in the "under 6" category. Now it seems like we've turned a corner in parenting, and I must say that I'm not sad about it.

Little kids can be fun, but I'm finding that older kids are alot more fun. I love to joke around, be sarcastic, and have challenging life conversations with my kids. I love the give and take, I love watching them learn about the world, I love seeing them develop their values and beliefs. I'm looking forward to the phases that are before me...

  • My oldest is a teen, and I'll have at least one teen in my house from now until 2018 (12 more years).
  • If all my kids go to 4-years of college, I'll have at least one kid in college from 2011 until 2022. Of course, I'll probably also be broke and homeless.

And, if each of my kids have four kids, I'll have...whoa...a whole bunch of grandkids.

Tim Stevens1 Comment