2006 Granger Stats

I'm beginning to emerge from the darkness. I attended our service last night, and had breakfast this morning with Mark Beeson. And, with the final weekend service of the year now behind us, I ran some quick numbers on our year-end stats at Granger Community Church.

  • Over 11,000 attended on Christmas weekend.
  • The U2 Christmas Series was the strongest series ever, averaging over 7,800. Even after factoring out Christmas weekend, it was still a higher attendance average than our Pure Sex series from earlier in the year.
  • We ended 2006 with an average of 5,660...which is more than 16% higher than our 2005 average.
  • Our December average was 7,257...an increase of 21% over December of 2005 (including Christmas Eve).
  • December was the first month ever we have averaged over 7,000.

Of course, numbers only tell a piece of the story. It's the changed lives that keep me jazzed and give me confidence that 2007 will be an even greater year in Granger, Indiana.

Tim Stevens1 Comment