Weekend in Atlanta

It's been a good weekend, traveling with ministry partners Tony Morgan and Kim Volheim. A few highlights...

  • We attended the brand new satellite campus of North Point Community Church. It's called Browns Bridge Community Church and is located about 25 minutes north of the main campus. They have been open 4 weeks. They have a beautiful $20 million (that's my guess) campus and a 2,000-seat auditorium. Already they have more than 3,000 attending. Pretty amazing for a church that didn't exist 5-weeks ago. Read Tony's additional comments here.
  • We ate a meal with Andrew Accardy. Up until a few months ago, Andrew was the COO of Purpose Driven Ministries. He's moved his family to Atlanta and is consulting with churches and ministries. It's always fun to hear insights from Andrew...I like how he thinks.
  • Right now I'm watching the video feed from the weekend service from Granger (title: "I am What I Do and What I Own"). It's pretty cool to be able to watch the entire service from a hotel room in Atlanta. Plus, my drop-dead gorgeous wife was singing this weekend, so my heart beat quickened a little bit everytime I saw her on the video feed. Watch the feed here, you'll agree!

The rest of our team arrives in a few minutes and tomorrow the DRIVE conference begins. Hopefully North Point will have internet access so I can post notes as the sessions unfold.

Tim Stevens4 Comments