North Point's Multi-Site Strategy

Dave McDaniel is the director of the multi-site endeavors at North Point Community Church (NP). This afternoon, several of us sat in a session at DRIVE where Dave talked through their strategy. Some notes of interest...

·         Their multi-site strategy was more accidental than intentional.

·         Some churches go to multi-site too quickly. It is much easier to grow in one location than in multiple locations.

·         The main campus at North Point can’t continue to grow because of road access. They have plenty of room to build, but people can’t get in from the main street.

·         They have separated the role of “communicator” from the role of “leader.” That has significantly improved their ability to grow.

Don’t start a satellite site until…

·         You’ve exhausted growth at the single site.

·         Your model is distilled to its essence and you’re basically happy with it.

·         Your model is replicable (book that helped them was The E-Myth). Most franchises succeed. It’s because you aren’t franchising the product, you are franchising the way you do business.

·         Your staff team is dedicated to multi-site and unity.

·         Your lines of authority, responsibility and communication are clear.

North Point’s Growth Strategy

1.       Growing through relational evangelism, they don’t want a sparse auditorium OR a dense auditorium…they want the ideal auditorium which is about 50% full. That way people can invite their friends.

2.       Where is your low-hanging fruit? Do we still have significant work to do nearby? If so, is there room on the main campus for them to attend?

3.       Plant campuses close and cannibalize. One incremental campus can create empty seats in several campuses. It is intentional cannibalizing to create empty seats.

4.       We build them large…about 40-60% of our main campus seating.

Two Questions We Ask to Determine Where the Next Campus Will Be

1.       Which existing campus is full and therefore in need of cannibalizing?

2.       Where can we go that takes full advantage of inviters and invitees?

a.       Inviters – existing NP members from the most crowded campus.

b.      Invitees – 25-44 year olds, college-educated, in areas of density. They look at density more than growth.

North Point’s Church Planting Strategy (called “strategic partnerships”)

Strategic Partners – an independent church that shares NP’s mission, strategy, core values, and beliefs, but is independently governed, staffed and financed.

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