Dr. Charles Stanley-isms

In this fourth session of the DRIVE conference, Andy Stanley introduced his father with great honor and respect. Some thoughts from Dr. Stanley...

  • If you do not allow God to change the way people do church, you will miss out on what God wants to do.
  • As I look around at a lot of churches, I think they should be bulldozed.
  • In my own denomination, 7,000 churches did not baptize a single person. Another 3,000 only baptized one person.
  • Every day pastors are walking away from the ministry. The primary reason? Conflict.
  • If you are afraid, don't show it. Hide it. People will push against you if they see your fear. [Editorial comment: I know what he means, but I think a leader today gains a lot of respect through authenticity and humility]
  • Don't run away from conflict...run toward it.
  • Conflict divides your mind.
  • Daniel didn't have his eyes on the lions. Don't look at the lions, keep your eyes on God.
  • Don't ever fight your battles in public unless you are forced to. Then, don't defend yourself.
  • There are worse things than being fired.
  • Fight your battles on your knees. Keep your focus on God. And you'll win every single time.
  • You can obey God, or you can go the other direction and wonder for the rest of your life what God would have done with you and for you if you had obeyed.
  • Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

Dr. Stanley speaks with a great deal of wisdom and 50-years of ministry experience. This was an enjoyable session.

Tim StevensComment