Don't Forget What Happens Behind the Scenes

I think the bigger the church gets we sometimes forget what happens behind the scenes to make ministry happen. All over the church are specialists--experts in their field--who will do everything they can to move heaven and earth so that more people might be reached.

Recent example: A few days ago I was told that "we are working on something that will help with the communications during the campaign." I had no idea how many hours and how much effort would go behind that one sentence.

In fact, I probably would have never known. Someone would have said to me in a week or two, "We got it done and it's awesome."

But it was fun to read Jason Powell's blow-by-blow summary of the experts that are working scores of hours to make ministry easier for others. I love these guys and I'm glad they are on the team.

Read here and you'll see what I mean!

Tim StevensComment