A Day With Church Leaders

Today I get the privilege of spending the entire day with church leaders, which is pretty cool. Tony Morgan and I will be teaching Simply Strategic Volunteers as part of our WiredChurches.com workshops at Granger Community Church.

I just took a peek at the registration list, and I was pretty excited to discover that...

  • Leaders are attending from the surrounding states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. But we also have leaders coming from far away places like Minnesota, California, Texas and Maryland.
  • There are some big churches represented including Southeast Christian Church in Louisville,  Vineyard Community Church in Cincinnati, and Northside Christian Church from New Albany, Indiana.
  • An individual from Clay United Methodist Church is attending, a sister church just down the road.
  • Pat Thomas from National Community Church in Washington DC is attending. That is the church where Mark Batterson is the pastor.
  • Linda Dannis from Spring Creek Community Church in Garland, TX will also be here. They hosted some workshops for us last spring.
  • Wooddale Church, where Leith Anderson pastors, is represented.
  • A group from Trinity Church in Lansing, MI are attending, including Sharina Husted who I met in a hot tub in California several years ago (along with several others from my team and her team) while visiting Saddleback.

If you missed this round of workshops, we'll offer them again!  You can read more here about what will be offered on February 2, 2007.

Tim StevensComment