Watch the BUZZ Talk

I just learned that the talk I gave last week at the Innovative Church Conference is available, in its' entirety, to view for free on the web. Pretty cool. Here are some reference points that you can use for finding the part you are interested in...

  • 7:00 Prelude begins...its' rockin!
  • 15:00 Beeson introduces me
  • 16:00 A tremendous arts package before my talk. Includes a romantic video drama with Butch and Kem and a song in which Faith (my wife) sang back-up vocals.
  • 25:15 My talk begins

Included in this talk, I give details about our PureSex series, show a video collage of the news coverage (both positive and negative) about the billboards. Also, I presented a concept called the Buzz Flywheel Effect, which indicates that you shouldn't create a buzz unless you have some foundational stuff in place first.

Watch the video for free. I'd love your feedback.

Tim StevensComment