Unresolved Inner Strongholds

It's not often that a GCC message sticks with me as long as this one has. But Mark Beeson's message last weekend (#1 in the Dave series) was God-ordained and powerful. Here is the one thought that has stuck with me all week...

"Unresolved inner strongholds will destroy what matters most."

On Sunday night, the ABC show Brothers & Sisters was a perfect parallel to Mark's message. The father, who was loved and cherished by his entire family, died suddenly of a heart attack. After the funeral, the junk started coming out. An affair. A bankrupt business. Stealing from the pension plan. He had these unresolved inner strongholds, and now they were destroying what mattered most to him. I know, it's a Hollywood-produced show, but all truth is God's truth, and I felt God as I watched it.

On Monday I had a great conversation for about 2 hours with a friend about our lives, what matters most, and living with integrity. That seems like a great way to measure the success of a weekend service--how many people are still talking about it throughout the week figuring out what it means personally for their lives?

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