Undiscerning Discernment

I just read an article that gets to my philosophy of the Christian view of our popular culture. Ryan Hamm works with Relevant Magazine and has written some great insights.

He says of Christians that "our 'discernment' has been reduced to a set of formulas that decide whether or not something is immoral...In the name of discernment, we have lost the ability to discern good art from bad art—or reality from a happy illusion. We have lost the capacity to reach our culture because we have abandoned it."

His thoughts echo our philosophy at Granger, and it is why we so often package a topic around a movie or TV show. It is to pull the truth out of the art rather than blasting or boycotting the art. Ryan goes on to say: "I want to suggest that, as Christians, we are equally as responsible to determine if art is creative or uncreative as we are to put an arbitrary moral label on it. Discernment means embracing art that reflects the values of a creative God who is interested in exposing the inherent sinfulness and sadness of human nature."

Check out the article...then leave me a comment and let me know what parts you agree or disagree with.

Tim Stevens2 Comments