TV Shows - More Thoughts

Last week I gave my first thoughts on some of the new TV shows for the fall. Here are some second thoughts:

  • Heroes (NBC) -- More than one person told me to give this show another try. Since I'd deleted it from my DVR line-up, I had to watch the 2nd week on line at I'm a little more intrigued. I'll probably watch one more and see where it goes.
  • Jericho (CBS) -- After 3 episodes, I like this show alot. It is very LOST-like with some good character development.
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC) -- not sure this is one I'll watch long-term, but the first two episodes have had the most personal impact on me of any recent show. I wrote a little bit about that here.
  • Studio 60 (NBC) -- Still the best new show this season. Love it!
  • The Nine (ABC) -- I really didn't want to like this. But it has a very creative concept and delivered well on it for the first episode. We'll see where it goes.
  • Friday Night Lights (NBC) --For the first 40 minutes of this show, I was bored out of my mind. The last 20 minutes had some drama that partially redeemed it. However, I probably still won't be watching this one weekly.

For this fall, I think I'll be settling on three "must-see" shows (Studio 60, Lost, Jericho). All the other shows are optional.

Tim Stevens2 Comments