Monday in Kansas City

There are several reasons I'm glad to be in Kansas City today...

  • I'm with Tony. Well, that's not all that abnormal, but this time he brought his wife, Emily, along. Emily is a lot of fun, and very smart, so I'm glad she's along on the trip.
  • I'm with Lindsay and Jami. They are coordinating the details for our workshops. Not just that, but they are really fun to be with.
  • I'm with Kem. Kem is not only the unrefuted queen of church communications, but she is also hilarious. And, she is incredibly readable. So, if her face is saying, "I can't believe you just rented a pimp-mobile for us to ride in" -- then she probably is really thinking that.
  • I'm with Mark and Laura. Mark is not just a good partner in ministry, he is also a great friend.
  • I've spent some time with Dave Cox and his team from Westside Family Church.
  • I get to teach the Volunteer workshop with Tony. I really believe that one of the key signs of a healthy church is that a large percentage of the lay people are involved in ministry.

And one reason I'm family isn't with me. I'm looking forward to being back with them in just six days.

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