Interview with Atlanta Newspaper #5 of 6

This is the fifth question that reporter Jill Vejnoska from the Atlanta Journal Constitution asked me in an interview for a story about the portrayal of Christians in this fall's new television shows:

Jill: "From your blog, it appears that you have a healthy interest in TV even finding ways it can be worked into sermons -- can it be a force for good, rather than the source of evil influences some of its major critics contend?"

Tim: "Absolutely. That is why it is a passion area of conversation for me. I believe that movies and TV shows are the language of our culture. The art doesn’t just reflect our culture…people are actually shaping their values and faith from what they see. I think the church can do a much better job of helping our communities interpret what they are seeing and finding the truth in it.

"There is so much in the popular culture that is encouraging. The shows you mention that are bringing the conversation and tension of faith into the public arena of conversation are great examples. So often Christians are known for what they are against…thus the boycotts and petitions and political posturing. I don’t see that as helping the world one bit. I want to see more Christians leverage the culture as a means to start a dialogue about our faith. Bring it to the everyday life…not just a Sunday morning conversation. I think that’s when we’ll start having a greater impact on our society."

Tim StevensComment