Interview with Atlanta Newspaper #4 of 6

This is the fourth question that reporter Jill Vejnoska from the Atlanta Journal Constitution asked me in an interview for a story about the portrayal of Christians in this fall's new television shows:

Jill: "Why is this happening now, and is it significant that the two characters on 'Studio 60' and 'Brothers & Sisters' are both young, attractive (but not overly sexualized), successful women? Do you think TV thinks these types of characters will be more acceptable to viewers than if they had been, say, middle-aged men."

Tim: "Everything I read and see says that Americans are becoming more spiritually interested. They aren’t necessarily going to church, but they are asking questions, they want to make a difference, they want to know about the purpose of life. So I do think some of what we see in this season’s shows is a reflection of that.

"I wonder if there is something to your observation. The young gal on Friday Night Lights (who prayed for her boyfriend in the hospital in this week’s episode) is also very attractive and has her head on straight. I do think it makes our society sit up and pay attention a little bit more."

Tim StevensComment