Interview with Atlanta Newspaper #3 of 6

This is the third question that reporter Jill Vejnoska from the Atlanta Journal Constitution asked me in an interview for a story about the portrayal of Christians in this fall's new television shows:

Jill: "'Friday Night Lights' works church and religion rather effortlessly into its characters' lives -- have you noticed that in any other shows?"

Tim: "I would include 'Studio 60' in the short-list of shows that do it effortlessly. Conversely, I didn’t see the episode but heard about 'ER' last week. I guess one of the new intern doctors is a Christian. One of the guys asked her out, and she responded, 'Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?' He was like 'What?' She said, 'Well maybe you can go to a Bible study with me.' That’s a good example of showing Christians as being unable to exist in a non-Christian world without throwing religion in people’s faces."

Tim StevensComment