Interview with Atlanta Newspaper #2 of 6

This is the second question that reporter Jill Vejnoska from the Atlanta Journal Constitution asked me in an interview for a story about the portrayal of Christians in this fall's new television shows:

Jill: "I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the family and spiritual issues being raised by 'Brothers & Sisters'." [She was referencing my blog entry here.] "I wonder what you think of the Calista Flockhart character, who's a conservative commentator on TV and in some ways, the lone conservative voice in the family."

Tim: "She is smart and articulate. She also has a soft-side and is wrestling with the tough issues of life. She may come across as having all the answers on her talk show, but the reality is that none of us have it figured out. Liberal or conservative isn’t really the issue for me. How are you making a difference? How are you integrating your beliefs into all of your life? How does your faith come through all of that? This show makes me think."

Tim StevensComment