Interview with Atlanta Newspaper #1

On Monday, reporter Jill Vejnoska from the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a story about the portrayal of Christians in some of the new television shows. She says, "Christians and conservative characters finally are gaining a thoughtful voice in a number of shows, including 'Studio 60,' 'Brothers & Sisters' and 'Friday Night Lights'."

I loved talking with Jill as she researched this story, and she gave me permission to include her questions and my answers here on

Jill: Specifically, what do you think of the Harriet Harrison character? Is she shedding welcome light on some topics, or as some critics contend, does her existence merely provide cover for the rest of the show to take liberal wacks at Christians?

Tim: This show is well-written, well-acted and bringing great issues to the surface. It’s refreshing to see Harriet as a Christian who has integrated it into her life and career. So often the Christians’ on TV are portrayed as geeks, nerds, social retards, the people you’d never want to hang out with. Harriet is smart, talented, and doesn’t hide her faith. Yes, Jordan and Matt and some of the other characters can’t understand and are shocked that there might be thousands of “whack jobs” reading a Christian periodical, but that is also refreshing. I see it from two sides: The Christian world needs to realize that we are often viewed by the rest of the world as out-of-touch and irrelevant; and the rest of the world needs to see that it is possible to use your brain, contribute to society, and be a follower of Christ all at the same time.

More questions in the coming days.

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