I Already Voted

Since I'm attending the DRIVE conference with ten others from my team, I won't be in town on election day. So I voted by absentee ballot and mailed it yesterday. Here are some of my thoughts about the 2006 election...

  • I don't put up political yard signs. I don't care how much I like the candidate or believe in his/her views--a yard sign or bumper sticker puts a potential wall between me and my neighbors. Views on politics tend to isolate and polarize. It's more important to me that I build a relational bridge to those around me than letting them know who I'm voting for.
  • I don't care if the Republicans lose the House or Senate. It's not going to matter all that much. It doesn't matter what happens in Washington...they can't change hearts. And until hearts change, this world is not going to change. That's why I've given my life to the heart-changing business.
  • I'm sick of political advertisements. For the most part, they insult my intelligence and treat me like an idiot. The "mute" button is my friend.
  • I love America. I like our system. It has its' flaws, but it is a representative system and mostly reflects our corporate values as Americans. I really respect the men and women who give their lives, under unbelievable amounts of scrutiny and pressure, to enter the political process and try to make America a better place to live.
  • Anyone who doesn't vote is a loser. Really. I want to say harsher things about you, but let's just leave it there. I have verbally pummelled my friends in past years who have admitted that they just couldn't find time to get away during the day and vote. Grow up. Plan your day. People all across the world make it to polls even though they might get shot in the head on the way there.

That pretty much sums it up. Did I mention you are a loser if you don't vote?

Tim Stevens5 Comments