A Quick Take on New TV Shows

About a month ago, I read reviews of all the new TV shows for the fall and made a list of the ones I wanted to check out. In order to leverage the culture, it's important to study it. By the way, a DVR (i.e. TIVO) makes it possible to do this. I can record every pilot episode, store it, and at my convenience watch an hour show (less commercials) in about 44 minutes.

Here is my quick take on some of the new shows this season...

TWO STARS (off my radar)

  • Vanished (FOX) -- this was just okay. It pulled me in for a 2nd episode, but I lost interest after that. It has vanished from my DVR schedule.
  • Standoff (FOX) -- Pretty good balance between adventure and relational issues. The main characters who work together also sleep together. With so many other good shows, I'm crossing this one off the list.
  • Kidnapped (NBC) -- A show like this has to pull me in fast. It didn't. I hope the kid is okay, but I won't be watching.
  • Heroes (NBC) -- I thought this was going to be great. I was disappointed. Of course, I never got in to comic books, so maybe there has to be something in you that wants to be superman to like a show like this.

THREE STARS (will check out occasionally)

  • Smith (CBS) -- Ray Liotta is the main character and he's a bad dude...yet hiding this from his family. He lives two different lives. Hmmm...a strange connection to real life.
  • Shark (CBS) -- it may be because of the attorney's relationship with his daughter, but I like this show. The main character played by James Woods is very flawed but a very "successful" attorney. Yet, at home he is a miserable failure. If we could only get people to see that success has to be holistic.
  • Jericho (CBS) -- A nuclear strike has left a small town in west Kansas isolated from the rest of the world. They are learning to cope. Not sure why I gave this show 3-stars...maybe cause I was born in Kansas.
  • Brothers & Sisters (ABC) -- When I first read the review, didn't plan to watch this. But I happened to see the first episode, then purposely recorded the second. This is made of deep relational issues. At the core, a father who lived a good life but had some secrets and deeply disappointed his family after his death.

FOUR STARS (will watch weekly)

  • Studio 60 (NBC) -- I already reviewed this show here and here. If it keeps up like it has the first two episodes, I'll catch this show every week.

FIVE STARS (never miss)

  • Nothing yet in this category from the new season. It has to be as good as LOST or 24 in order to get a 5-Star rating.

I will also be checking out The Nine and Traveler when they begin.

Lest you think I spend my life watching TV, my wife and I typically end up settling on 2 or 3 shows that become staples. And remember, with a DVR you can watch a 1-hour show at your convenience in about 44 minutes.

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