Studio 60

If you haven't seen Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip yet, you really need to check it out. It is on NBC on Monday evenings. This show is good all the way around. It was surely written by geniuses. It is witty. It is funny. Yes has some very poignant "real life" moments. It is quick moving and very creative.

I never watched Friends when it was hot, so I'm not a Matthew Perry worshipper. But he is very good in this role. Also, Amanda Peet has surprised me by her tremendous acting as well.

Both weeks it has been on, I've found some clips that will work well as message illustrations at church. I've dumped them from the DVR to a DVD and we'll hold them for the right time. During the pilot episode, there was a gripping moment as Matt confronted Danny about his cocaine problem. Then, in episode two ("The Cold Open"), there was a significant amount of banter which showed the culture's view of Christians as narrow and right-winged. A great episode to help us understand this culture and the job we have to speak their language.

Remember, there are illustrations all the time in pop culture that we can use to teach biblical truths or raise deep life issues.

Tim Stevens5 Comments