Ice Cream

We took our entire staff to Cold Stone for ice cream yesterday. It was a small way to say a huge "thanks" for the awesome way that they served pastors and leaders last week at the ICC. I know I risk leaving people out, but here is a list (probably incomplete) of some serving that stood out to me as outstanding...

  • Our housekeeping team was amazing. In addition to keeping things looking awesome, they turned the building over so many times in those few days. For example, on Thursday they had to move out tables 100+ tables and set up hundreds of chairs for our service and Film Fest. Then, at about 10:30pm, they had to do it all over again in reverse. They are an amazing team of people who are not just filling roles, but who love what they do.
  • We had about 14 large groups in attendance. Many of our staff became a personal attendant for a group for the three days. Their job was to make sure those large groups had an awesome experience.
  • Our tech teams were unbelievable. They worked late into the night getting the videos loaded, lights programmed, and rooms set-up. And when I interacted with them throughout the day, they weren't tired and grumpy. They had the attitude of "how can I serve you?" That's awesome.
  • Many of our team were involved in speaking or facilitating sessions. They worked for weeks, in spite of other responsibilities, to present the best stuff they possibly could. I couldn't have been prouder.
  • Lindsay has got to be the world's greatest conference coordinator. I'm sure that's not her official title, but that's what she did last week. She had dozens of volunteers working with her to make sure that the registration, snacks, meals, and a thousand other details were done well.
  • Jami and Kem and their teams pulled off great promotions and materials. They designed the conference notebook, signage, the ingenious "elephant butt" and "it's not what you think" theme, banners, T-Shirts for volunteers and more. The website team also pulled everything together to make it cohesive and effective.
  • Our IT guys had computers set up so you could check your email at any time. They also kept the wireless "hot spot" running throughout the campus so guests were able to surf as needed. They also held an IT Roundtable that was a smashing success.
  • The bookstore and cafe staff and volunteers served our guests well. They have an attitude that communicates "it's not about's about serving you and providing a great experience."
  • And of course, I must mention the Arts team. Between drama, worship, video and music--they gave their all. I believe they are the greatest Arts team around...and they poured everything they could into the conference for our guests.

So, yesterday it was fun to spend some time with the entire staff at Cold Stone. We needed the break, and everyone needed to know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Tim StevensComment