Big Game at Notre Dame


My wonderful wife will be heading to the Notre Game with me today. The Irish are playing one of their biggest rivals from the University of Michigan with kick-off at 3:42pm EST. I've become quite a Notre Dame fan over the past 20 years since living in and around the area. Watching Charlie Weiss is a lesson in leadership, as he's turned around a football program with essentially the same team that Tyrone Willingham had. The difference--we're winning now. The rumor on the street is that the season rests on this game. If they win this...they may be the national champions. If Michigan wins, then Notre Dame will have to try again next year.

It's rumored that Tony Morgan will also be at this game with his son Jacob, as will Corey Mann with John Keim. I'm not sure I'll run into them, though, with 83,000 others in the vicinity.

My prediction for the final score: Notre Dame 41 -- Michigan 34

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