Another Great Day in the Lone Star State

Sunshine. 90 degrees. A full schedule...

  • I was so grateful for the amount of time that Randy Reeves and his team from Fellowship of the Woodlands gave me. I spent four hours with his team and enjoyed every minute of it. Some of you who know me well are surprised because you know I get drained when I spend a lot of time with strangers, but not with these guys. I came away energized! Also got to say hi to Kerry Shook, obviously a great senior pastor because of his hairstyle.
  • I stopped in at Woodlands United Methodist Church (known to the locals as the "Methodome") to look at their brand new youth space. In Texas, Methodist churches actually love and preach Jesus. Interesting. But I digress...their youth space was very cool and I'll definitely bring a team back when we get into the design of our youth center.
  • I also drove by to see Windsor Village United Methodist Church where Kirbyjon Caldwell is the pastor. I evidently found only one of their three locations, and it was quite unimpressive. Didn't have time to look for the others.
  • Sorry Dave...didn't realize Richmond was so close to Houston so didn't get to swing by River Pointe. Hmmm. Maybe next time.
  • Got back to the hotel and walked across the street to give myself a quick tour of Lakewood Church. Let's just say that it's, uh, quite large. Seating for 16,000. And since the Houston Rockets used to play basketball there, all of the city infrastructure is built to accomodate large crowds to and from the facility.
  • While I was running around, Mark Beeson got to spend the day with Bill Hybels, Joel & Victoria Osteen and John Maxwell in a small roundtable gathering at Lakewood.
  • A few states away, some of my peeps were teaching at the MinistryCom conference in Phoenix. We just received a call from Amber Cox of AspireOne, and she reported that Kem Meyer and Jami Ruth both did a stellar job today. I'm so proud of them and wish I could have been with them.

Tomorrow we head back to Granger. It may not be the vacation capital of the world, but it's where my wife and kids will be waiting with open arms.

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