A Baptism to Remember

Yes, it was 59 degrees out. Yes, we were standing in a cold lake for over an hour. Yes, it was raining for a good portion of it. Yes, there were more than 2,000 people in the rain on the shore. And yes, we were able to celebrate a spiritual milepost in more than 380 people's lives. A few things I'll remember...

  • A woman named Karen. Her face was weathered and as I looked at the lines I was sure that each one had a story. There was something in her face that said, "I've walked a rough road, but everything is different now with Jesus in my life."
  • Partnering with Mark Waltz was a highlight. I love doing life with him, and sharing that moment with him was extra special.
  • Baptizing Lauren Janicki was especially fun. She has grown up across the street from me. Not too many years ago, we invited her dad and mom to church, then into our small group. They both gave their lives to Christ and I was able to baptize both of them at that time. So it was great to see that Lauren has also given her life to Christ.
  • And then there was Hunter. He is my 9-year old. He asked Jesus into his heart at Awana a few years ago. This year he decided it was time to be baptized. It's especially cool to baptize your own child.
  • A guy named Jason came through the water. He was excited with much volume. It seemed like something inside of him was going to explode.
  • I saw Brian and Marsha...my insurance agents for over 15-years...come through the water.

Then there was my lovely wife, with me for 16+ years and she even hugs me when I'm soaking wet and cold to the bone. For more on the baptism, read Corey's thoughts here.


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